Yesterday, Miss Sam West came over to shoot me in various pin-up style states of psuedo nakey and full on tatas out nakey. I was so flattered that she actually wanted to shoot me, especially since I so eloquently advertised myself to her as “unphotogenic.” Real smoove, B.

So yeah, she shot while I posed and laughed way too much and chattered even more, and she drank her coke with jack (as opposed to my jack with coke) and we ended the night with me baking cookies in a silk kimono. Sounds like a first date? Hey, if they all went that well we wouldn’t need the term dbag, now would we? Actually, yes we would.

The point being, that she was so focused and obviously pleased with how the shots were coming out (she’s working on a collection for a solo show in Sept) that I was getting a contact high of sorts to her excitement. Having unfortunately reached this stage of constant annoyance and disgruntlement (?) at work has made my 9-5 gloomy and gray. How nice to think that soon I will be just as excited again, whether at a new job or/and in flower school!

That mixed with how helping Angela/Sean unpack at their new apt (welcome back to bk, oh highschool bff) inspired me to get back to one of my favorite pastimes – redecorating my apt! Specifically by framing this album cover and hanging it across from the can:

Living alone is really the best thing. Ever. Period. .

*UPDATE: A few of them are up at Sam’s Flickr page. Look only if you’re not gonna be a creepster about it…


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