Friends in Far-off Places

On Friday, I had the special treat of gchatting with Miss Magdalena (formerly of Brooklyn, now of Vietnam). Her and Brendan have been gone almost a year now on their Pacific Island/Southeast Asian adventure, and it seems that they are settled where they are, at least temporarily. While that makes me sad because I can’t accompany Maggie to a Pagan Christmas play while double-fisting whiskey and chocolate chip cookies (that night did not end well – if you are possessing of a very strong stomach, I will elaborate), I can continuously be inspired by her and B just going for it, no matter how uncertain the end result was. And not to mention, since she took the plunge already, I can mooch off of her experiences to better plan my next steps.

Lately I’d been feeling like I was “in limbo,” since I can’t very well plan step 3 (am I actually moving to New Orleans or just going for Flower School?) when I haven’t yet solidified steps 1 & 2 (new job(s) & incoming $$). Mags had some really insightful li’l tidbits for me…mainly about how the energy from this time of extreme change can be harnessed for really focusing on what I really want, and figuring out the steps I need to take to achieve what would make me happier! I know this might seem like “no shit” to some, but it means a lot to me coming from someone who left a perfectly good, upwardly mobile career to travel with her lover boy in search of worldly inspiration. And as Maggie also pointed out, if a potential future employer saw that as a resume gap, then that wasn’t someone she wanted to work for. Snap.

This friendly advice from across the globe made up for the random spots of weirdness I’ve been experiencing from some. Don’t get me wrong, for the most part my friends have been extremely supportive and as helpful as they can, but there are a random few who are either avoiding me like the plague (What, the fact that I’m losing my job is gonna rub off on you, immediately making you lose your job?) or just randomly throwing in snide little judgmental comments (No I don’t think I should be at work slaving for an incompetent asshole who has already mismanaged me into future unemployment, I would much rather be in Jersey with baby boy at the Botanical Gardens, wouldn’t you? The answer is yes, and that is exactly the problem.)

Stark contrast between friend and frenemy is the point. But whatev. If all else fails, at least I know I could always make it in Vietnam!

*Oh, and that photo is from Brendan and Maggie’s Flickr page. Check it!


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