Who Needs A Job…I Mean, Really?

Not me, apparently. Or the other 2 extremely talented girls who are soon to be laid off. With d-day (Sept 24) looming, our pubicles have become the stressed epicenter for hundreds of resumes sent and dozens of interviews snuck out to. And for all our efforts – nuthin’.

I have probably sent something like 500+ resumes at this point. I’ve had a bunch of interviews…some for jobs that I could blatantly do with my lazy-eye closed. One place had me come in 3 TIMES, including for a 2 hour design test, told me they would let me know, and are now avoiding my calls. Is peeps for real? Are we so immature that we can’t let an applicant know, one who has wasted time with us, if we simply chose someone else? I’m not gonna blow up your office if that’s the case, but I will respect you more.

On another note, I did somehow manage to land a VERY part time (due to the paid-internship level of monetary gain) job at this outlet flower shop. The mother-ship (Amendola Florist) is in Long Island, but the outlet store is in this new gourmet grocery store in Long Island City. Dude is being super cool, letting me come out to the LI shop and hang over the florist’s shoulder, and being understanding to the fact that, until I know the nature of my next REAL job, I can’t give him definite hours. Definitely an opportunity I am grateful for!

Also, my friends/faux-relatives-thru-Chiara who run the amazing Papabubble (hand-made candy store in Little Italy) are in need of front counter “lolly-girls” and are actually waiting for me to figure out my deal in case I need a gig. That is also something I’m extremely grateful for.

I would love to know where my next paycheck is coming from, first to be able to let people know who are giving me part-time work, and also so that I won’t completely have a nervous breakdown….which at this point may be inevitable.

But at least I’m not THIS guy:

Not yet, anyway. I would make a cute bunny…


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