Sidenote: Belated Inspiration Station

There were actually other things going on between the last 2 posts….some being particularly inspiring.

Number 1: Stephen Shore at Strand

I got the chance to hear one of my favorite photographers talk about his work and his views on life in general. One particular highlight was Shore saying how he did his best to go through life “attentively,” by just noticing things around him. This followed the simple explanation he gave as to the origins of his style: “I just started taking photos of what was in front of me, what caught my eye.” Genius! To those unfamiliar, his photos may seem like those any asshole puts up on his irreverent flickr page, but keep in mind that these photos were taken in the ’70s, when classical staged photography was the norm, and not considered “art.”

It was great having my copy of American Surfaces signed, and to enjoy the culture break in the middle of franticness. I also realized that the way I take photos on vacation is obviously directly influenced by Stephen Shore. Anyone who’s ever traveled with me knows that they will receive hundreds of photos documenting everything from their backs as we walk through a scenic location to the hostel breakfast. That’s just the way I roll.

Number 2: Neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor

What happens when a brain scientist starts to have a stroke? She says, “Wow, this is so cool!” And then she makes a full recovery and starts crafting 2-D brains out of stained glass. Duh.


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