Beginner’s Floral Design: Week 1

It begins.

[First I need to say that while navigating the LIRR/LI bus situation is not hard, the schedule is spotty, meaning LOTS of waiting for trains/buses, meaning that Wednesday, while exciting and educational, is also going to be known as my “long day.”]

Now, back to the recap: I get to class and hang with J. Michael George while the rest of the students arrive…which didn’t include ANY of the original weirdos that were in the intro class. Whatev. New characters include a few bored Long Island chicks, a couple of suits, a random young guy who actually seems to know what he’s doing, one girl who doesn’t seem to speak english, and this amazing women who “already figured out how to do floral design on her own but might as well take a class.” This woman (I will find out her name this week) says she is also a self-taught graphic designer…I guess I’d better watch out!

Michael George wastes no time. Lesson 1: Arrange 26 roses (our choice of color) + filler plant (forgot what this was – F!) in a globe vase. He did a 5 minute demonstration that included how to fold fresh curly willow into the vase to use as a secure, but more decorative, version of Oasis floral foam, cut all the roses to the proper height (so as not to obscure anyone across the table), and deftly place into a perfect little 360º arrangement. Did you catch all that? Yeah, me neither…but back to our workstations we go!

I was already a little jittery due to over-caffeinating myself, but when Le George reiterated that “after 5 minutes, I will know how good you are with your hands…and what grade you’ll be getting at the end,” I became genuinely nervous! But somehow I just started doing it, and it wasn’t even hard – just fun. I asked some questions, and kept turning my vase to make adjustments, and then I was done. And it looked good – I even got some compliments from other students.

Once everyone finished, Le George looked pleased, then told us all to take everything out and do it over again. He did this at least 5 times. Which was helpful, because by the last time, even tho’ my roses were beat up, I was like an old hand at it.

[“Old hand” is probably one of the worst phrases of all time.]

The best part was that we got to take home our creations, and any extra flowers we had left over! I was leaving for Jersey the next day, so on my way home I dropped my masterpiece off with Chiara and Checka so they could enjoy it for the weekend. I took a couple tired, late-night photos, but asked the girls to take some nice ones during the day:

That’s some pro shit, right? Well, pretty good for a first-timer! 😉  You can see the curly willow in the vase in the second shot. Although I don’t know how I managed to cut all the off-white roses one length and all the coral ones another, but I’ll work on that.  Next time, I’ll take photos before I leave class, so the arrangement will look its best (I lost a couple roses on the way home).

*UPDATE: Photos added!*

All in all, a good first sesh! I know, I’M pretty damn pleased with myself.


One thought on “Beginner’s Floral Design: Week 1

  1. that’s pretty cool that you got to take home the roses – glad to hear things are starting on the right foot! or should i say, “old hand”

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