Beginners Floral Design: Weeks 2 & 3

I’ve decided I’m not going to ramble on (unless you mean in a Zep kind of way) about each week of floral design. Instead the format will be more a show-n-tell with photos and quick notes. If anyone objects to this and wants to know minute details, let me know, but since the only person commenting has been my sister, I’m sure there won’t be any feedback!

The top row is from week 2, in which we used long stem roses, waxflower and “greens” in a tall vase. A lot of this lesson was about properly cutting, prepping and placing the flowers. Good times.

The bottom row is from week 3, which was more fun since we got to use mixed flowers instead of just boring-ass roses. Besides the usual filler, my arrangement contained Daises, Delphinium (also known as belladonna) and the poetically named Stock. An important part of this lesson was after the 3rd+ time of us being orderd by Le George to “take them out and start again,” he suggested that we start first with all the “filler” and continue to mix up the order that we place things. Meaning, there is no correct order in which to make an arrangement. Oh, and the last photo shows the extra flowers I brought over to Nicole’s and arranged in her Tiffany-inspired tupperware vase. Classy.

Ok now for some complaining. The trek  to class REALLY sucks…and has actually been making me not want to continue. Don’t get me wrong, once I’m there and in the zone, it’s fun, but I just get so tired and then all these thoughts start going thru my head like “why am I doing this again?” or “am I even doing well enough at this to justify all this hassle?” Totally lame. It actually reminds me a little of my graphic design classes back at Pratt, where I’d be stuck listening to a bunch of egocentric assholes try to one-up each other, all the while wondering if I even gave a shit. Meanwhile, I was one of the first peeps to get a job outta school, and have been steadily moving up in my field, even getting multiple offers in the last couple of weeks (no news on that, I stuck with the job I originally mentioned).

This is just stream of conscious talk right now…What I really need to do is reevaluate my future goals and make sure I can see how my current baby steps are leading me there. Otherwise, it’s hard to be motivated when all you wanna do is sleep. God, I’m such a baby.


One thought on “Beginners Floral Design: Weeks 2 & 3

  1. Personally I like your rambling (as evidenced by my rambling in our blogs). So I say bring on more details!

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