On Silence

So I’ve been settling into my new job…very different, and still getting a handle on things, but the overall vibe is so much more chill and less stressful then the ol’ Playgirl offices (Item! The other ex-playgirls and I were interviewed last night for the NYTimes Style Section. May or may not be in this Sunday…). One of the nicest things about the new jobby is the fact that I can, if not too hungover, walk to and from my apt. Besides a couple turns, it’s mostly a straight shot down Flushing Ave….on the way passing by the abandoned Officers’ houses known as Admiral’s Row.

There has been a lot of talk about reopening/renovating the buildings, and while part of me hopes they do eventually do something with them, part of me is pleased that nature has just taken over. And I mean taken over. It looks like a scene out of some southern gothic thriller starring Marlon Brando. Dense leafy overgrowth strangling the aging decrepit buildings. Even the wrought iron fence surrounding the entire navy yard has been defeated in that area. It’s incredible.

While walking by this maybe 4 block section of busy, under-construction Flushing Ave, it gets almost completely silent as I gaze into the heart of darkness. Creepy and amazing and calming all rolled into one.

And on that note, I’m off! So if you don’t hear from me in a while, look for me tangled in the brush.


One thought on “On Silence

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