Li’l updates

Buying used books is the best. You would think that I would use that special feeling to motivate myself to unload more of my finished ones so that others could enjoy them. But no. If I even remotely enjoyed a book I horde it like a fat kid and his cake. Ah well, time to turn those milk crates into grown up bookcases.

I’m just finishing up this book I found in the used section of Barnes & Noble. It’s a collection of essays by the sassy Reverend Donna Schaper, mostly about gardening, but really about politics, activism and the general gypsy way of life. Even though she is a Rev., the only time this facet comes up is when she mentions the location of one of her churches in talking about a specific home/garden she lived in. So don’t expect any creation of man talk – the good word instead touches upon such subjects as the old lady garden club who didn’t let her join (for being “too radical”) to stealing/sharing flowers & bulbs from private and public greens. Her tone is familiar, her stories hilarious and her thorough gardening knowledge apparent.

I loved this book for it’s content, but also for the fact that it was obviously printed on recycled paper and was light and small in size (aka easy to fit in my purse). I’ve been busy stocking my floral library with academic books, so this was a nice relaxed addition.

Also, Donna Schaper lives here in NYC, so I should really look her up…

Also…after a good talk with Nicole in Ft Greene Park, I’m feeling more focused on my flower future. I was getting all panties-in-a-knot with the usual “is this even what I want to do” bs….mostly due to not always feeling on the same visual page with my instructor (who claims to be less is more, but I’m the original less is I (we) decided that I should complete the full Molloy/1800 Flowers course, if only for the purpose of being officially “certified,” which will then make me eligible to take more specific courses at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens (Weddings & Funerals for example). This solution is the most personalized, not to mention cheapest, for me in the long run.

On the note of “less is more:” I say I’ve always been drawn to floral design, but what I really mean is the Japanese style, known as Ikebana or Kado. Again, I did a little internet research and the best (/convenient/cheapest/accredited) program is during the first weekend in December right here in the city at the Shambhala Meditation Center. It’s pretty much a weekend long “journey” of beautiful flowers arranged just how I like them. Sparsely.

If anyone would like to join me…I’m so excited I think I just peed a little! xo!!


3 thoughts on “Li’l updates

  1. I particularly like Japanese style things (interior design, clothes, flowers) as well. It must be genetic!

  2. I like what I see with your floral designs– very cool. I like Japanese floral designs, too. Less is More…
    I see you caught a fish. Damn. I pretend to fish, the fish pretend to bite. Pathetic.
    I saw Butch in your pictures. So now we know that “Butch” is not a figment of your overheated imagination.
    When we came home from Utah, the trees were in peak color– watch for email photos!
    Hey, take some pictures of Admiral’s Row. But don’t go inside. Crack houses, perhaps?

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