I <3 Plants

And plants ❤ me…or at least will soon, now that I know how to stop killing them! I took a double-header of houseplant related classes at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens on Saturday: Houseplants: 101 (AKA “How Not to Kill Your Houseplants”) & Choosing the Perfect Plant. The teacher was the enchanting professional gardener and ethnobotanist Leda Meredith (who apparently was/is also a professional dancer). Leda was extremely knowledgeable while at the same time fun/interesting enough for me to not fall asleep during the darkened-room slideshow! The first class was pretty much houseplants for dummies, and I was pleased that I knew a lot of the info already (I’m not completely hopeless!), but equally pleased to learn so many new uselful tidbits. I now feel much more confident to care for the plants I already own. The second class was a slideshow of plant options catagorized by the amount of light they need – so everyone could honestly match their apartment’s environment with suitable plants. Overall, an enjoyable day (the lunch break walk through the Gardens wasn’t half bad either!).

*Edited to add some useful websites:

The next item is a quick little gallery of my photos of PS1’s Young Architect’s Program 2008: P.F.1. (Public Farm One). The website refers to it as “an urban farm concept that evokes the look of a flying carpet landing in the P.S.1 courtyard.” See for yourself:

Just amazing.

And finally I bring you a robotic planter that moves with the changing light. This may just allow me to have a Full, Direct Sun plant in my Partial Sun apartment. Wishlist!


4 thoughts on “I <3 Plants

  1. I need to know any tips you can give me on the four houseplants that are in varying stages of life (and death) in our apartment here:

    Areca Palm
    Ficus Tree
    Corn Plant

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  3. hi girl! i am so inspired by your blog!! i am surrounded by books i just got from the library: on medieval gardens, the arts and crafts movement, tasha tudor’s garden, garden rooms…i was looking up some stuff online and came across better farm which led me to your blog!
    i woke up to the green 15 years ago in NYC’s LES and became part of the green guerillas and community gardening. anyway, all that to say i am glad i found this blog! keep up the great green work!

  4. Hey there – glad you stumbled up F that S….and decided to stick around! The Green Guerillas are an amazing NYC group, but one that I haven’t had the time to really investigate fully. I see that you want to sign up for the Better Farm newsletter, which is great because I should be sending out the Fall 2009 one tonight – stay tuned and hope to meet you someday!

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