Reflections on Nudity

Soooo…my (along with Nicole & Jessanne’s) interview appeared in the NY Times Style section today! We talk about the demise of Playgirl and what the whole experience was like. My first quote includes “I like to look at naked dudes.” Articulate!

Plus, the photo came out pretty good, considering the photographer took only a couple shots, since she was too busy drinking all the beer in Nicole’s fridge and going thru the leftover sex toys:


I picked up a couple print copies, but you can read the article online here. Long live PORN!


4 thoughts on “Reflections on Nudity

  1. The piece was titled: “They Couldn’t Get Past The “Mimbos” A clever diss for the real mimbos….the Suits!
    I’m proud of all you gals for doing what you had to do for each issue!

  2. Hey C – Just read the article, love your quotes (“my parents thought it was hilarious,” “I liked looking at naked guys.” Reminds me of when I was interviewed in 8th grade about the new high school and I was on TV saying “It’s sorta confusing.” Awesome!

    It is sad that Blue Horizon obviously did not care about making the Playgirl brand successful. At least you tried your best!

  3. Hmmm… further update on this, I was googling your name to see how far the story had traveled, and I found this round-cheeked dork making an insightful comment about your last name:

    I thought you would either think it was funny, and/or you could kindly respond to him, perhaps with a post on your blog in honor of him. 😉

    Also, speaking of googling you, why did this article say it was published in 1994?

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