Flower School: End of Intermediate

Here are some shots from the last 2 classes of Intermediate Floral Design, plus a couple arrangements I put together at home:

TOP ROW: Intermediate Week 3 – Handheld Bouquets
I know, I know – these photos don’t show a bouquet exactly, but try to use your imagination for a minute, and envision these flowers tied together outside of the vase. Anyway, the method to creating a handheld bouquet is fairly simple: Start with a large chunk of filler (in this case, treated oak leaves – yes those are real!), and then, while incrementally turning the growing arrangement with one hand, adding similar patches of flowers to both the inside and outside of the bouquet with the other. [Sidenote: I’m sure it helps if you don’t have midget hands like me, but it really wasn’t too difficult.] Then, while still holding the bouquet together, you trim all the ends to the same length (not too short!) and wrap a rubber band around a couple stems, the whole bunch of stems, and then a couple again to secure it.

I would have had more photos of what I actually created in class, but I was at the peak of my first extreme cold of the season and almost passed out on my worktable, so this is what you get. The other flowers we used were sunflowers, hot pink roses, reddish hypericum berries and white daisies.

MIDDLE ROW: Intermediate Week 4 – Wreath Centerpieces
Start with inserting cut Galax leaves at table grazing level around a soaked Oasis foam wreath dish. Then place “Green Spider” Crysanthemums, Hot Pink Roses, Yellow “Sweetheart Roses” (mini-roses) and “Wood Roses” (aka Merrimia Tuberosa) in evenly space increments around the circle. Make sure each flower gets equal attention/space – don’t overpower one with another. Cover any remaining visible foam (mostly on top) with varigated pitasporum. Finish by placing a hurricane lamp with candle in the center.

This lesson was another example of me feeling stifled with the materials at hand. I wanted to place the flowers at more irregular intervals, but as Le George pointed out, it just doesn’t look good (with this particular setup). I belive that if I had possesed less traditional items, I could have done something a bit more interesting. But ah well, you must first learn the rules in order to break them!

BOTTOM ROW: Extracurricular arrangements
Here are a couple arrangements I made with the leftover flowers from the final week of Intermediate. The first, with the roses in the fish bowl is something I’ve been wanting to try. Besides using it as regular filler, I used the pitasporum in the same way as the curly willow from Beginner’s Week 1. I’m not a huge fan of plain ole roses, but there is something nice about them when bunched tightly together in a perfectly even dome shape.

The second is with the sweetheart roses, pitasporum and some green hypericum berries. I like the yellow and green color scheme, completed with the matching green vase. My vase collection is steadily growing, thanks in part to mom sending me home with a bunch of hers, and to the salvation army, which is the best place to find a cheap (and sometimes unusual) variety.



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