Apple…Get it?

[This is a little off-topic for my blog, but since my industrious sister found this guy’s weird blog probing the deeper meaning of my last name, I thought I would return the favor!]

Dear Mr. Apple,
1. You actually noticed the coincidence of my last name and my now former job. Good job!
2. All you took out of the NY Times article, instead of, you know, the part about how the end of Playgirl is a blow to the feminist movement, was that my last name is another word for penis. I’ve changed my mind – GREAT JOB!

Sheesh. On a more productive note, Nicole appeared on Fox News the other night. Give her props for acting cool under pressure (and all those layers of eyeshadow)!


One thought on “Apple…Get it?

  1. I’m glad you thought this was amusing. My favorite part is his personal description of himself, written in the third person, and ending with “and spends way too much time online.”

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