In Other News


Me: i just got a callback from some job i applied to in august
Nicole: jesus.
Nicole: what job?
Nicole: Maybe the recession is over.
Nicole: I’ll check my voicemail later for GOOD.
Me: The New School Promotions Dept
Me: full time designer
Me: do you think this has anything to do with the article?
Me: i’m so confused
Me: why call me now?
Nicole: either they rescinded their hiring freeze
Nicole: or they saw the article and realized you’re a big deal
Nicole: or they are really really disorganized.
Me: or someone didnt work out
Nicole: (it’s likely a combination of all 3)
Nicole: Are you going to meet with them?
Nicole: Yes, that too.
Me: i honestly dont know what to do
Nicole: It can’t hurt to go in and meet with them.
Me: no i know
Me: i just….
Me: it’s weird
Me: i cant tell if i just am resistant to that whole interviewing feeling (due to the stress we had to have)
Me: or if i actually really am not interested in that field full time anymore
Nicole: right
Me: or if i’m just being lazy

This is definitely a new development, and I’m feeling a little too conflicted to go into it now. Not to mention, it’s past 6pm and that’s my cue to be done with work!

Hey there, weeeeekend….


3 thoughts on “In Other News

  1. Oh Im sure New School is right up your back alley – all those tasty wide-eyed hipster boys with lotsa moolah.
    Your favourite mantern,

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