Awesomeness Pending…

Hey there,

I’m sorry there have been no new posts in a while – I have been extremely busy, with visiting Maine, being overworked at work, plus freelance work, and an overload of classes (plus being sick as a dog this entire time). But keep in mind that when there are lapses, that just means so much awesomeness is going on that I haven’t had time to write about it…yet!

Stay tuned for:
• My visit to Maine – including beautiful lighthouse photos (with my new CAMERA!) and a review of the house of death that is the LL Bean flagship store.

•  The end of Floral Design with Le George. I am now certified!

• This amazing weekend long spirit journey of Japanese Flower Arranging (Kado/Ikebana) at the Shambhala Buddist Center in NYC. This will be a very wordy post, but with pretty photos too!

• Freelance, and anything else that’s been going on with me that I feel ok with posting on my blog for the universe to see.

So, sit tight!


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