Went to Maine for T-giving…brought baby boy. We arrived by barge, obvs.

dscn0001That camo scarf Butchy is wearing was knitted by my mom, so he would feel included in Hannukah. He LOVES it…and I like it because now he looks even more like an Irish elf…which would be a leprachaun. She made me a matching one – don’t think I’ll be wearing it at the same time (kinda geigh).

dscn0006Just kidding, mom! Thanks for the new camera (daddio too!). Note my beautiful new photos, all.

We took Butch out to the coast to see some lighthouses. The day was gray, but I actually like the end result.





Oh, and check out my new zoom capabilities. The next two photos were taken standing in the same spot.



I spy, bitches.







This is the Portland Headlight, the most famous lighthouse, and the most photographed…altho the pro photos are prob taken from offshore, since there’s a huge barn-esque structure in the way.



It says “Annie C. Maguire shipwrecked here Christmas Eve 1886.” Ya heard!




Butchy liked how the coast was “rocky.” No kidding! I think the only natural large sandy area in all of Maine is “the Desert.” We’re going to have to come back in warmer weather to experience attractions like that. There’s not much to do in the wintahhhh….Besides dressing in an uncomfortable amount of layers and driving the snow studded tires of the Jeep to LL Bean!

I actually didn’t take photos of the taxidermists’ paradise that is the flagship “Beans” – it’s old news to me. But if you’re interested, just search LL Bean store Maine on Flickr. You will see such sights as an oversized boot and backpack (monogrammed, of course!), an in-store trout pond, many stuffed carcasses and many stuffed (polo) shirts. Despite that, we did buy some great stuff! Butch got a fleece-lined wool man-sweater, I got suede mocassin style fur lined slippers (which is like wearing heaven on my feet) and we both got cashmere-lined leather winter gloves. I also bought Butch an early christmas present of flannel sheets. Shmancy.

The majority of the visit was spent with various family. Butch did a good job considering he was not only meeting my parents and sister for the first time, but extended crazies as well. Yes, Jocelyn was visiting from Qatar, furiously trying to stuff her checked baggage with coveted cans of black beans and leather flip flops from Target. She brought some hilarious gifts, including a Muslim style Barbie for me called Jamila. “Jamila is beautiful!” “Her good friend is Jamil.” Amazing.

Other things noted on our journey: Butch is extremely easy to travel with, Spencer’s Gifts does still exist, War, Inc. is a movie not even worth finishing, and I still don’t think I was made for the frozen tundra of a Maine winter.


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