End of Flower School and Next Steps

So instead of letting myself get lonely over the holidays, I met up with Stacy and her friends in Atlantic City and then went home with her and her hubby to DC for a couple days. Besides the fun I had with her, Stacy as usual is one of the most grounded people when it comes to advice, so by the time I returned on Saturday, I was back to being strong in my decisions. And to all my other friends (and Moms) who have been taking me out and giving me support – love and thanks!

Well anyway, two tears in a bucket, motherfuckit. Let’s get back to business.

FIRST 3 PHOTOS: Advanced Week 3 – Oval Centerpieces
Starting in the same vein as the Tradition Low Centerpiece (attaching the Oasis foam to the pie plate ala floral tape), pine branches are then arranged at table-grazing level, with longer branches on 2 sides, therefore creating an oval. Next come the table-grazing level of deep pink roses, followed by spacing them equally around at mid level, top level and top top level (like what was done with the Tall Centerpieces).

Then comes the interspersing of small white carnations, pine cones and Satan-in-plant-form: Holly with red berries. I compare holly to Satan because of the stigmata like effect that happens when you’re gored by their jagged leaves. Not pleasant, but the way you attach pine cones is interesting. First you circle the pine cone (at the widest end) once with floral wire, then wrap the ends of the wire around a small pointed stick. Stick goes in the foam and pine cone snuggles into the arrangement. Simple. And Le George said he thought this one was my best yet.

LAST PHOTO: Advanced Week 4 – Christmas Wreath
Despite M. George suggesting the week before that we do yet another Wreath Centerpiece (seriously), we managed to convince him to, you know, maybe teach us something new. So starting with an Oasis Wreath Base Frame, small pine branches are placed again at table-grazing level (the wreath lays flat as you work). Then we were given 12 each of red and white carnations, pointed towards boxes of pine cones and Christmas balls, and told to go nuts. English Boxwood is used to hide the foam on the inside circle, as well as filler along the outside and anywhere else its needed. The ribbon was attached to the foam with small pieces of floral wire bent like vintage hair pins. A bow could have been added as well with a similar technique.

Maybe it’s because I’m honestly just not that familiar with the myriad of wreath designs, or maybe I would have appreciated being given a model to work from, but I struggled with this. I also think at this point I was tired of the long-ass commute to Long Island. But now that’s over.

Which brings me to the question – what’s next? In my very first flower class, I told my teacher I worked as a graphic designer and he immediately said “well, why don’t you become a landscape designer then?” I hadn’t given it much thought until now, but due to all the Adventures in Natureland I’ve been experiencing these past several months, I realized how much I do love (and miss!) being out in nature. So taking what I’ve learned so far, I’m going to register at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, not for supplements in floral design, but for the full Certificate in Horticulture. Sounds fun…and sciency, with botany and plant identification! Since I came to this decision a little late for Winter/Spring sign-ups, I’ve put myself on the waiting list for the beginning courses. In the meantime I’ll take the Horticulture elective course: History of Landscape Design, while continuing research on my own. Onward!


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