Stick It To The (Wasteful) Man


So print has been on a slow decline, and my left brain skills don’t translate well to techy web design, but apparently jobs in “gardening are growing – literally.” Well, looky looky…

Along with An Inconvenient Truth pointing out the obvious to anyone who somehow didn’t realize that this planet is in trouble, growth of the entire Green Industry has been booming. The ever-faithful, ReadyMade Magazine, mentioned a while ago how finally everyone seems to be joining team green – I say the more the merrier. L Magazine’s recent article encourages the new surge of interest in sustainable communities. Bring it, peeps!

So, with environmental jobs and horticulture opportunities on the rise, I hope more people leave careers that are contributing to the wastefulness of our natural resources (on either a large or small scale) to contribute to this growing workforce. If jumping ship seems a little extreme, volunteering just a little can make a big difference in your neighborhood.

Let’s all find out what good a little greening can do!


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