Who’s Afraid of a Brown Thumb?

Think you can’t have a houseplant? Do you always seem to either underwater to the point of dry raspy brittleness or somehow overwater until all the leaves fall off and float away? Do you know how to use a phone, email, even Twitter?

There is hope. Behold! Botanicalls:

This “camouflaged” little device calls your phone, sends you an email or Tweets at you when it’s time (or well passed time) to water your plants. Here it’s explained it in a more elaborate way:

“Botanicalls opens a new channel of communication between plants and humans, in an effort to promote successful inter-species understanding.”

Racy! Ha – no really, this is a genius idea for busy people in the digital age, if for no other reason than would-be neglected plants (“you are the only nature they know!” -Leda Meredith) might have a chance to live. However, if someone is too busy to remember to water their plants, but still insists on having plants, it might do them some good to stick a finger in the soil every now and then to check for moisture…kind of like stopping to smell the roses, you know?


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