The Times They Are A’Changin’

Hey there – how’ve ya been? Me, I’ve been busy. Got notice my building was being foreclosed. Figured I could either stay and eventually have my rent be raised to who knows what, or get a better place and choose the amount for my rent to go up. Since my apt now has had everything from flooding to mice to mushrooms literally growing out of my ceiling, and a landlord that never calls me back (not to mention the homeless couple living out back), I opted to F that S and leave.

Coincidentally, there was a lunar eclipse on my birthday, and my monthly horoscope branded this as a time to “shit or get off the pot” (so to speak) when it comes to a close relationship. Butchy was evicted from his apartment recently, and he practically lives at my place anyway….sooo you know, time to get over my baggage and move in with someone again. Not to mention, it’s also convenient to start financially dividing things up with a sig other!

So somehow around throwing my annual Oscar’s party, I signed on a nice lil place just up the road in Prospect Heights. About the same amount of space, but laid out better…better light…and a few blocks away from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (Classes start next week but hold that thought)! And don’t think I haven’t been busy picking out paint (with names like “Red Parrot” and “Forest Moss” and creating inspiration boards for each major room. Behold:

The Rustic/Danish Modern/Animal Print/Naturey Living Room:

And, the Amelie-inspired/French Boudoir/New Orleans/Gothic Bedroom:

Too much? Well, then you can forget about being invited to my Summer Solstice Party.

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