The Mother/Flower Connection


Mother’s Day is one of the easiest holidays to celebrate. When you’re a kid, a Mothers Day home-made coupon book or some weeds ripped from the backyard are plenty, and when you’re an “adult,” that extra phone call is enough for Mom to brag about you to her friends. Considering I talk to my mom once a week anyway, it’s probably not the most spectacular occurrence for me to call her one extra time, so a little extra effort is needed.

Which is where flowers come in. Sure, you can get all digital and make your own flowers, but for me there’s always been a visceral connection between moms and fragrant beautiful blooms. I distinctly remember my mom’s flower garden at the old house – the orange tiger lilies out front, the sunflowers in the back and the lavender chrysanthemums along the side. Just seeing any of these makes me think of my mom, and due to my newly acquired specialty, I often find myself buying them to make arrangements at home.

Since I don’t live close enough to family to be able to drop off one of my own creations, I use delivery services to make sure exactly what I envisioned gets there exactly when I want it delivered. And having seen first hand the quality at 1800Flowers, I automatically go there first. They now also offer some Certified Fair Trade arrangements, so Happy Earth Day…and Happy Early Mother’s Day!

Photo: Unknown


One thought on “The Mother/Flower Connection

  1. good idea, corinne 🙂 by the way, if you haven’t yet ordered, here’s a 15%-off promo code for 1800Flowers: FLWRS8

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