A Slight Hiccup

pissed off tree

So….know why I still hadn’t heard from BBG about classes? Because, despite me having successfully faxed my registration info in, they never got it. And apparently it was “a problem with a lot of people.” And apparently there was an option to register via email, but they just don’t make it clear anywhere, so nobody KNOWS about it. And how nice of the woman to call me back (after the 3rd message) just to tell me that the classes were booked, and suggest that I sign up for a much more advanced class that I’m not prepared for yet. Thanks, honey, but I’d rather bury my money at the former site of Astroland. F that S!

This lovely news came yesterday, in the middle of a ridiculous head cold I’ve been battling + lack of sleep due to having to be at work an hour and a half early the last couple days to let some video guys in (and let’s not even go into the lack of appreciation on the that front). Needless to say, memsy is not pleased.

But after crying into the soup Butch made for me, I tried to shed some positive light on my now slightly challenged plans. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

  • Already bought some books from Amazon that cover the classes I would have been taking had peeps not had their heads up their asses. This includes botany, soil management, and woody/herbaceous plant identification. I don’t see the point anymore with paying a disorganized organization to teach me what I can teach myself. If I later feel like certain classes at BBG will supplement my home-schooling, I may reconsider. Maybe. But in reality, horticulture is the kind of field where hands on work counts for a lot.
  • So to start, I’m going to a volunteer meeting on May 13th at Prospect Park to see about volunteering as a gardener.
  • Luckily I’m already signed up for an intensive Urban Permaculture certificate course starting in July at the New York Open Center, and ending with the completion of a community garden in Park Slope. The Open Center course seems like it will be amazing – And much more relative to what I want to accomplish up at Better Farm. I mean, how can you go wrong with an org that teaches classes in “Shamanic Journeying.” Spirit animals, anyone?
  • I just joined up with the Crown Heights CSA (actually just came back from the meetup tonight), which will hopefully introduce me to some interesting people. The L.I. based Sang Lee Farms we are partnering with is also being kind enough to let us have a field trip in a couple weekends. Exciting!
  • Not getting into the BBG classes may also be the kick in the pants I needed to leave my mentally stressful job. Now I won’t have to worry about working somewhere that is flexible with me leaving early for class (Perma class is only on the weekends), and also won’t need to feel like I have to be thankful for an “opportunity” that pays for classes. I will gladly take something that pays less that is more rewarding – so the job search is on again!
  • And of course, Better Farm. Memorial Day is approaching and the “worker bees” are getting ready to go beautify the place and get it ready for workshops later this summer. I can’t stress enough how thankful and excited I am about this budding little piece of heaven. Besides helping with general cleanup, my special assignment is the “curb appeal” of the farm, using native plants only! Stay tuned.

Pissed-off tree photo: FunnyPart.com


One thought on “A Slight Hiccup

  1. that sucks so much. i don’t know if you remember, but when i was applying to grad schools, my safety school also lost my application — even though it was delivered “delivery confirmation” by USPS (and i had paid the fee online — they didn’t mind taking that money even “without” an application!). so luckily i got into g’town, but otherwise i would have had no place to go. this taught me the hard way that you should always CALL or EMAIL until you get someone telling you “yes we got your application.” i’ve done it every time since then and actually averted similar disasters because of it. it’s ridiculous how disorganized people are, especially with something so important!! 😦

    ps – your plan B sounds awesome, though. so in the end, heck with BBG.

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