Better Farm Benefit – Drink Better


Beer Pong for a good cause? Believe, because that is exactly what’s happening this Saturday at Chez Kristen (Nicole’s sister) & Jeff. They were nice enough to organize this last-minute gathering so we can round up a little extra cash for our massive crew driving up to Better Farm for renovations over Memorial Day weekend (which is rapidly approaching, and I’m only done with part 1 of my new permaculture book!).

I don’t expect to see too many of my Brooklyn crew out there, but if they want to brave the Jersey Transit, I’m sure we could organize a ride of some kind from the station (although I can’t guarantee it won’t be in a muddy Jeep driven by a lacrosse playing jock). Regardless this should be an interesting evening.

And stay tuned: I’ve got ideas for a “Loud Music/Silent Auction” fundraiser for later this summer – so anyone I know who plays music/makes art, be warned…you will be involved!

2 thoughts on “Better Farm Benefit – Drink Better

  1. The benefit surprisingly raised enough cash for the necessary materials (and grilling food!) for Memorial Day weekend renovations. Considering we probably only had a total of 5 peeps who were willing and able, a fair amount of progress was made. Check out for before and after updates from Nicole.

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