Eat Your Lawn pt. 2

For those who may remember, back in November I mentioned a little book called Edible Estates by the mad-scientist performance artist meets practical, sustainable living guru” Fritz Haeg. Since then I’ve bought a copy for Daddio (Lord knows what he’s up to at this point with his “floating garden”), signed up for a Urban Permaculture certificate course, and started scheming for a perma garden up at Better Farm.

Well wouldn’t you know it, but during a much needed stroll around my naturey links, I peeked in on the Garden Lab to see what ole Fritzy was up to…and found that he’s not only still adding edible estates, his next one is planned for right here in the city at 10th and 26th. AND, they are recruiting volunteer planters for Saturday, June 13th!

Yes, I already sent my email, and yes, I also just peed a little.

Photo: Fritz Haeg


4 thoughts on “Eat Your Lawn pt. 2

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