Room to Grow


I was waiting until I had actually put in my 2 weeks notice (which had to be done via email due to my “important” meeting being put off repeatedly) to post this announcement…so here goes: I GOT A NEW JOB! And one that’s directly relevant to my change of career/schooling/future plans! It’s with Manhattan Plant Design Experts, a women-owned company that’s been in business over 20 years, providing design, installation and maintenance of interior and exterior plants and flowers to the commercial and corporate community of NYC.

I will be starting out as one of their “plant technicians,” roaming the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn, watering, pruning and rocking out to my ipod while building killer leg muscles. Ha! I’m meeting with my new boss, Pam, later today to go over the specifics – she’s extremely nice and tells me they’re working on expanding the biz to include full floral design services, so me assisting the main designer is also to be expected.

All in all, an entry-level foot in the door with a lot of room to grow…and what I’m lacking for in pay, I will be making up for with free training and hands on experience! The journey continues…

Illustration via ReubenMiller


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