The First Summer


After my first day on the new job, I feel that my head is about to burst with all the new plant knowledge trickling into it. I will give a more thorough recap once the initiation week is over, but for now, enjoy a self-indulgent poem by everyone’s favorite narcissist:

the follies of summer

Quicksand, ocean sky
Wondering, don’t ask me why or how we got here
We just did
The most eternal sun-drenched kiss is locked in my mind as something I won’t miss
Or even try to remember
Summer has come and gone so many times I’ve lost count
Endless, nameless, marked by time as nothing special
But warmth is here, you see
In darling soliloquy
Hidden in costume and fine-boned prose
Under canopies of sheltered light and life
Summer is here and it is all mine

Can’t wait to put on those new khaki shorts I had to buy!

Garden photo: Kay Loves Vintage


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