Nice Cans

Well that title got your attention, hmm? Sorry, but my porn days are over – I’m talking about WATERING CANS, and the untapped (zing!) market of portable possibilities that industrial designers have yet to unearth. This came up during my first week with Manhattan Plant Design Experts, when I realized I could carry a much smaller bag, if I didn’t need to fit a clunky, 4 gallon can in there along with my tools…which got me into researching what is out there already…

And the answer is – not much. After multiple reworded Google searches, I came across this collapsible watering bag, on ebay, but it only holds 3 quarts, and has a perforated spout, so not an ideal match for the high volume, precise watering needs of the job (don’t think I didn’t still buy it, however).


Also came across this design for a screw-on watering spout by Nicolas Le Moigne from Switzerland. This genius idea was one of the entries for Design Boom’s contest to reduce plastic bottle waste. Unfortunately, as often happens with genius ideas, this was only ever a prototype.

So it seems I will have to design it myself, probably along the lines of a Bendable Interior Object…But until I get around to that (along with my patent-pending Fire Escape Seat, stay tuned), I’ll appease myself with some quirky, non-flattening watering can designs:

Tree WatercanAlessi can

Magis can

Buzzy Seeds can

OXO can

All this reminds me of how much I wanted one of those watering can purses when they first came out a few years ago…

Tree watercan by  Dutch By Design
Alessi Kiwi watering can by Panik
Magis “Pipe Dreams” watering can by Panik
Large Blue watering can by Buzzy Seeds
Good Grips Pour and Serve watering can by OXO


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