Farms in Small Places

Window FarmsSimilar to the Green Screens I featured at Better Farm’s blog, NY-based Window Farms is testing their small-space prototype, which is “a drip system made from recycled water bottles, holding 25 plants…inexpensive and made from relatively inexpensive materials.” This installation (now on display at Eyebeam gallery, 540 W 21st St), was created “through working with agricultural, architectural and other specialists, collecting sensor data, and reinterpreting hydroponics research conducted by NASA scientists and marijuana farmers.” Makes sense–the science needed to maintain a thriving plant indoors with no natural elements (as weed farmers do) makes dealing with a north-facing apartment window small potatoes.

I stumbled upon this project via a Bust Magazine post, which also included Brooklyn-based Rooftop Farms, responsible for a 6,000 square foot organic veggie (rooftop) farm in Greenpoint. It’s amazing how many “green” movements are happening in the NYC area, considering how little green space there is….which probably explains it. It only took me a few years of living here to realize how much I appreciate (and miss) living somewhere where I don’t have to commute to a park/non-developed square foot of land.

These limitations haven’t limited the above mentioned, and I’m sure even more sustainable ideas will be cropping up (zing!) soon. Which poses the question–if you had unlimited funding and resources, what would your green idea for your city/town be?


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