DIY Daddio

My parents live on a lake in Maine, so I had bought them a floating flower bed that looks (kind of) like a magical floating rock.

Floating Planter

I was very pleased to see it being put to use, even if only one of its pots held a half-drowned tomato plant (due to the excessive rain, not the fact that there’s a body of water beneath it). However, apparently DIY Daddio had taken it upon himself to rumage through the basement and create his own versions…

DIY Planters all in a row

DIY Planters

How nice of him to tether them next to mine thereby completing the house boat shanty-town affect. When asked why he didn’t make them look nicer, he proudly reminded me that he was only interested in free materials…which I guess I can’t help but admire. And I bet he could find some fake plants around the house to use as Styrofoam cover if he really felt like it…

Sidenote: Googling “Floating Garden” has wonderful image results!


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