ITEM! Mulch Gardening

Green Thumb coverLiving on the edge of a really nice neighborhood, the pickin’s are excellent when it comes to stoop sales. I have found many of my beautiful vases this way, as well as an impressive amount of vintage plant/gardening books.

I decided to flip through one of these such acquired books recently–How to Have a Green Thumb Without an Aching Back by Ruth Stout–and immediately felt the fireworks of past, present and future lives shooting off in my head. This may sound dramatic but hear (read?) me out.

Ruth Stout wrote this “groundbreaking” book back in the mid-70’s, recounting how, at the tender age of almost 50, she moved from Manhattan to the live off the land in rural Connecticut. She had no farming experience and the “experts” at the time recommended a strict diet of tilling, fertilizer and pesticides. Common knowledge of green methods just didn’t exist. Ruthy took this advice for about 5 minutes before launching into her own experiments of composting/mulching, natural pest prevention/deterrence and a general respect for nature that basically equals the backbone of Permaculture…all while writing in a conversational and humorous tone that clearly gets across the point of how much easier than conventional methods it all was. A kindred spirit indeed!

And also coincidental that the main theme of my first weekend of Permaculture classes focused on compost and the ease with which one can build a raised garden bed out of “garbage” in about 2.5 seconds, with no major farm machinery and no aching backs. And Nicole (with her bin of vermicomposting worms) is busy prepping the soil up at the Farm for next Spring, just in time to for my big move, and to put these not-so-new good ideas to Better use!

The way in which “it’s all happening” is just about blowing my mind lately. At the risk of sounding too new agey, I am about 110% sure about my right path in life right now, due to the almost daily affirmations I have been receiving. It’s somehow both calming and nerve wracking, but oh so completely wonderful.


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