What a Croc

I hate to say it…after years of bad-mouthing Crocs as being hideous man-child hick clogs–despite ex-creative director Charlie praising their lightness and usefulness in the garden–I actually WITNESSED a woman today wearing what I would dare say was a cute pair:


Don’t think this means that I’ll be slipping my feet into their waterproof, cushiony softness anytime soon…at least not until after next Feb when I’m 6 hours north where no one can see!


5 thoughts on “What a Croc

  1. My floating planters did what I wanted– no watering– ever. It would have been nice to see the sun in June & July– maybe my plants would have grown more– I still got handful of Roma Beans and Sugar Snap Peas!
    Oh yes, Ruth Stout! Read her book a long time ago..Now here one you ought to read– Living the Good Life, by Scott Nearing…
    Peak Oil! You understand what that means! Good Girl!

  2. Apparently Crocs are going under anyway- they’re in a lot of debt at the moment. There are definitely some styles I like though- Crocs Olivia are equally as girly I think 🙂

  3. Crocs are ugly as hell but the real deal for gardening, easy on, easy off, easy clean up. **They are NOT to be worn outside the confines of your own yard or current gardening project, EVER!!!***

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