Spotlight On: Echo Park

17.farawayintime by Forgotton NY

15.echo.park2 by Forgotten NY

On Wednesdays, my plant-watering route takes me trotting by the magnificent Echo Park in the Bronx, lush with looming granite mini-cliffs that makes me nostalgic for the Old Man of the Mountain (RIP). And the name is no accident–apparently you can get a serious voice echo if you stand between the two main formations. But since I get enough strange looks being the one white person around there anyway, I probably won’t be testing this phenomenon.

Forgotten NY points out that since the Tremont area (named for the prevalent trees and mountains) was developed pre-dynamite, this beautiful spot of land was (luckily) not blasted away to allow the major roads a straight east-west direction. How un-grid-like of you, New York!

Also, next to the park is a brand new Farmer’s Market! This is great, considering that low-income neighborhoods usually have the worst produce (which is exactly why I now belong to a CSA). My research also unearthed a touching memento to a childhood spent bumping around the rocks.

Photos and facts via Forgotten NY: Neighborhoods. It’s even more incredible this time of year, with the trees in bloom!


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