Audrey 3

The cover of AM New York this morning:

AM New York Aug 19 2009

BIG NEWS! Apparently some pitcher plant with a diameter big enough to swallow a rat was discovered high in the mountains of the Philippines. The article (jokingly) suggests that planting some here may solve the city’s rat problem. Besides the off-handed downsides listed (rats learning not to go near the plant, the plant itself dying after digesting one rat), how about the MAJOR problems with introducing an exotic species, only recently discovered, into a new environment? It could be invasive, it could kill other animals, it could contain toxins that taint the already overused water supply.

Come to think of it, the issue of NYC waste management and the associated red tape would be a much more intelligent front pager, if AM New York really wanted to inform its readers.

All activist bitching aside, that plant is pretty f-ing cool. And apparently the BBG currently has an exhibit of pitcher plants. Please…grow for me!

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