Sustainability in the Gulf?


My sister Jocelyn and her hubby Nick have been living/working in Qatar for the past year, and based on their almost daily (mis)adventures, sustainability wouldn’t seem to be part of the Qatarian vocabulary….but my ever social sister managed to FIND such a green-minded group: SustainableQatar.

‘SustainableQatar’ started off in March 2008 as a group of environmental and social educators getting together to share interests and start a dialogue. Our goal to share resources, foster collaboration, and make a real change in the health and well-being of the community, environment, and development of Qatar.

We’d like to expand our group beyond educators and invite citizens, community organizations, non-profits, NGOs, and representatives from the Qatari government to join us.

With such proactive ideas as recycling initiatives, sustainable local building materials, and waterless urinals–and with increasing global scrutiny on the origins of Big Oil–a movement started in the belly of the beast is fitting for a problem that needs an green solution.

Photo of the future Entertainment City of Qatar from ConstructionWeekOnline


One thought on “Sustainability in the Gulf?

  1. I love the shout out to Qatar! And the picture — I knew there was a Six Flags coming in a few years, but I didn’t know it was going to be part of “Entertainment City.” It’ll go well with Education City and Energy City.

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