Catching On To Water Catchment

I’ve been in the process of earning my certificate in Permaculture under the amazing Claudia Joseph, whose intensive knowledge of everything from mulch to maintenance has provided information for posts on this blog as well as on my personal blog on all things green(ish). And this particular knowledge on water catchment came via one of her fascinating guest teachers, Lars Chellberg, who works for the Council on the Environment of NYC and the Water Resources Group. What follows is the majorly abridged version. But lucky lucky, the entire 54-page, in-depth, how-to booklet is available as a free download.

Catchment System

As most people have heard by now, the more water we save for reuse, and the less that simply runs straight down our drains, the better. Do you have a roof and storm gutters? Well then you’ve already started to channel useful rainwater…although having it spill unused onto a random spot on your lawn is not the best finale. Installing a water catchment system may be more complex than placing an open whiskey barrel under the spout…but the construction doesn’t have to be hard.

See the rest of the article at the Better Farm blog.


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