And the Award for Greenest Grandma…

Greta Brown

…goes to Greta Brown, who just completed a walk from New Orleans to Rouges Point, NY, to raise awareness to climate change. Although a completely inspirational (not to mention, spry) 90-year-old, Nana Greta encountered her share of discouraging people during her trek up Route 11, as reported in last Friday’s Times article:

Sometimes they stop to tell her not to worry: God would never allow Earth to warm disastrously, they say.

In the end, Ms. Browne said, she thinks that most people are sympathetic and want to do something — just not too much. She was particularly discouraged by a woman who approached her after one church talk and said, “Oh, you are preaching to the choir. We already recycle.”

“Mostly people think it is a problem,” [Ms. Brown] said, “but mostly they think it will not impact them anytime soon.”

Discouraging indeed! But even if she convinced one person to think differently about how their actions effect the earth, then her walk was a success. And according to her “climate walk map” Nana Greta skirted right by Better Farm earlier this month! [Note to Nicole: Email Greta and grab granny while she’s hot!]

Amazing. And speaking of New Orleans, Butchy and I are off to my dream destination (followed by a ho hum bonus jaunt to Santa Fe) tomorrow. So F that S will be on hiatus for roughly 10 days–but stay tuned for full documentation of above-ground cemeteries, loose alligators, Christmas Lounges and Southern Decadence!


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