The Porta Hedge was one of the artworks included in the United States Botanic Garden’s outdoor exhibit over the summer. I may not have noticed it because of it’s incredible camoflauge…


The Porta Hedge is an artificial, mobile alternative to a natural wall. The exterior is constructed from recycled artificial Christmas trees, and when combined with the prerecorded bird song that plays from the exterior, many people have a difficult time distinguishing it from the real thing. But what really distinguishes the Porta Hedge from your average hedge is its concealed interior study…


…which offers a library of field guides, peek holes, a rooftop observation hatch, and a birdcage for those who prefer to observe.


I think Butch needs one of these as a writer’s retreat. Hannukah present!

Top 2 photos from 700 Evergreens, bottom illustration from Dartmouth.


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