Real Life = Real Life Skills


Just got home from class and boy am I FIRED UP! My wonderful teacher Claudia Joseph has been hosting amazing guest teachers every week, each with a different specialty. This week we had Ariane Burgess, a Scot who teaches in Thailand and studies eco villages and community involvement – an enormous part of “permanent culture” (aka Permaculture).

Over the last few months, we’ve covered a lot of ground, both in the classroom and on site at the Old Stone House in Park Slope. It’s a bit overwhelming at times, and even with my furious note-taking, sometimes I wonder if I’m really absorbing it all equally. But based on how pumped I got in class today (putting in my 2¢ more than normal all while internally bursting with ideas, I really think I’ve found my specific calling in the field.

A large part of community building has to do with relationship building, with many different kind of people, all of whom may have many different views. Making others feel comfortable and acknowledged is a characteristic I like to think I inherently have, and this skill is one that is best flexed when I’m placed in management positions…like my recent job promotion. So although lately I’ve been feeling more tired than when I was doing actual physical labor, the extra stress and responsibility is only adding to my ability to handle difficult situations among multiple people.

Moral of the story? Real life = real life skills…Amazing!

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