Fritz Haeg – Dome Colony X in the San Gabriels

Dome Colony

So mad scientist Fritzy is at it again! This time with “a colony of geodesic domed tents for temporary colonization, squatting, taking over and making yourself at home in the San Gabriel Mountains.” The info on his site states:

Dome Colony X in the San Gabriels welcomes you to spend time in a mountain colony of intimate dome spaces focused on a central round platform stage. The walls are painted with a continuous silhouette of Los Angeles’ San Gabriel Mountains, which is echoed in the form of the continuous perimeter seating system. The 8000 square foot space is a shifting encampment or colony of four geodesic dome tents and CENTER STAGE for occupations, gatherings, regular meetings, and intimate organized activities. Each dome has it’s own community ECOLOGY DOME, GASTRONOMY DOME, LITERARY DOME and DRUMS & SKINS DOME. A schedule of events will be posted inside each dome, and also updated regularly here as events and colonists are continually added.

AT: the ground floor of X INITIATIVE, 548 West 22nd Street, New York, NY (the former Dia building).
HOURS: Wednesdays through Saturdays, 11am – 6pm through October 17th.
RECEPTION & book release: Wednesday, September 16, 7:00 – 9:00pm.

Also check out: video from AudioDraw event (youtube) / download the gallery flyer (pdf)

I’m going to fit in a visit before it closes in a couple weeks. Everything Fritz Haeg does is so inspiring…not to mention always varied and original! And his site finally published photos from the Lenape Edible Estate that Stephanie, Lucy and I helped out at back in the Spring.

Lenape - before

Lenape - after

Lenape - Volunteers

Lenape - Garden

He even gave a little shout out to all the volunteers – totally unexpected but further proof how awesome he is.

Photos from


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