Strange Maine Strikes Again


No that’s not a recent photo from NASA’s arbitrary, and apparently disappointing, attempt to bomb the moon, but rather the Roden Crater, a “land art” piece by artist James Turrell. Land art (aka Environmental Art, Earth Art or Earthworks) is a fascinating sculptural movement that is also a very easy subject to waste hours of your time researching online.

The more I read up on it, the more I realized that I had experienced direct contact with a possible “outsider land art” piece over 10 years ago in the wilds of Maine! I distinctly recall stopping with a high school boyfriend on the way to his apt in Skowhegan so he could take me to a field full of strange mounds in the shape of spirals and human figures. I remember that this field was along a river, and there was also a weird structure that you could look through to see an identical structure lined up with it on the opposite bank, ala redneck Stonehenge.

Not being from the Skowhegan area, and so with no hope of ever again stumbling upon this mystical glen on my own, I turned to the only reputable source that could help me find the truth: Strange Maine. And sure enough, I bring you the new Roswell: Weird Field in Bingham?

This “discussion” also continues its inconclusiveness in a Google group of the same name. Now I’m no conspiracy-theorist, but how come on both websites there are commenters insisting on practical explanations like “As far a the mounds, they were most likely aleuvial deposits. Human shaped mounds are a common feature alongside river and stream beds” or “I know the field. Those indents are from test holes an rocks being removed for clearing the field for gardening that never followed through. The rocks around the holes were placed as a prank I suspect to make it look creepier?” What? There is a HUGE difference between some sediment deposits (human shaped or not) and an enormous mound shaped like a reclining woman that I CLIMBED OVER!

Not to mention the Google satellite maps some of the commenters posted show no sign of this field…At this point I have no choice but to contact this ex boyf and make a trek to see if this masterpiece Earthworks really exists or if we all were just hypnotized by a “cult [that] used to human sacrifice the babies.”


4 thoughts on “Strange Maine Strikes Again

  1. I just found your blog on my adventure across the internet and I totally love it!! Keep posting because I can’t wait to read it!!!!!! Cheers!

  2. heavens to betsy! ayuh, i’m gonna get me some nightviewer poaching glasses, and my marine corp bowie knife, and my 9-shot revolver, climb into my cherokee, put on some black sabbath, and head down into hinkley/benton around rte 201 and find me a good blind. thataways i’ll be able see any covens that show up, and they won’t see me. unless there some fine lookin female covens, that look friendly, and if that the case, maybe i’ll just wander over and introduce myself to the head coven, and hand her a bud. now you there in new york (yankee territory, jeeez) could come with me, being the adventurous sort, ayuh, or i’ll go on my own, and report back to you, like some fancy-smancy new york times reporters, except I’ll be reporting my big city daughter, who can’t do no wrong, becuz she my daughter, AYUH!

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