Absence Makes the Heart Grow Greener

I went to a group art show/reunion (Grand Champions Forever) on Friday night, and besides running into people I haven’t seen in 5 years, I saw some of my usual peeps who haven’t seen me since the New Orleans/Santa Fe trip (photos to come soon – promisssse). Everyone was like “where have you been??!!!” You really want to know?

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


And don’t think this was a simple “design a pretty landscape with whatever you want in it.” Oh no no. Every single element in these designs are accompanied with detailed descriptions of companion planting, guilds, stacking functions, water collection, meandering flow, natural structures…as well as free material guidelines and community involvement. If just that last sentence is making your brain explode, imagine being immersed in it for 72 hours of class. Add to that a “team member” that dropped out during the last week, leaving the other 3 of us scrambling to cover all the material for our final presentation yesterday…

But now my Urban Permaculture course is over – and I can’t say I’m not bummed out. For the most part my class was filled with amazing people, many of whom I want to involve in Better Farm in some way. And as my teacher, Claudia Joseph, said, this is only the beginning of a lifetime of learning. I fully intend on completing another Permaculture certificate once I’m upstate (the Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute is “nearby”), and will probably have to take a specific teaching certificate course in order to certify others in the future. But for right now I need to veg out in front of Hulu, actually hang out with my friends and sleep in for the first time in 2 weeks.

Oh! But I will be helping Claudia out at the Old Stone House in Park Slope next Saturday for the (com)post Halloween event (flyer designed by me and my friend from class, Renee):


Like I said, it truly is a lifetime commitment… 😉


2 thoughts on “Absence Makes the Heart Grow Greener

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