In Reverance To Planet Earth

Altar wide shot

I spent Friday helping my friend (from Permie class) Renee construct an enormous interactive Day of the Dead/Reverance to Planet Earth shrine on a stage in the event space in Bushwick that she and her boyfriend, Carlos, own: Islan. This photo doesn’t really show the detail of certain areas, or the materials that we begged, traded and scavenged in true Permaculture fashion–it should really be seen in person. I believe Renee will be leaving this shrine up for a few days, and we want people to add their own materials to it, so if you’re in the Bushwick area(specifically off the Jefferson stop on the L), bring a leaf, or a photo of a loved one or whatever and toss it on!

Also, I’m in the process of planning a fundraiser rock/art show for Better Farm, and I think Island would be a perfect location to have it, not just because of its location and size, but because of the green theory that Renee and Carlos share. It truly is all coming together…


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