Mariposa Migracion, eh?

Thanks to Angela and her Friday-night wine dependency, I stayed home last night drinking detox tea and watching PBS specials. Not that this was a bad thing.

Butterfly Journey

Despite being designed to be taken out by a strong gust of wind, millions of Monarch butterflies migrate from Canade to Mexico every year. What an amazing job it must be to just film a mob of butterflies as they travel south. Even more amazing are the photos I found on Flickr from people that have witnessed the Monarchs as they reach their destination:








Makes sense that while I was in Honduras people kept commenting on my “butterfly” (actually moth) tattoos…Mexico is on my top 5 places to visit – looks like I’ll have to time it to coincide with the Monarch migration!

The Incredible Journey of the Butterflies header from Nova at
First 3 Monarch photos from Pendens Proditor at Flickr
4th photo from BBC Radio 4 – World on the Move at Flickr
Final 3 photos from StevenMiller at Flickr


Edited to add this amazing (and relevant) photo from Denise’s of the spirit:


One thought on “Mariposa Migracion, eh?

  1. If you aren’t averse to altitude sickness and hours on horseback, it’s not too difficult a trip to see the Monarchs overwintering. As with any delicate natural system, I’d recommend seeing it sooner rather than later. Twenty years from now who knows what sort of state it’ll be in.

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