The Changing Course


Meaning the phenomenon, not the Oscar-winning movie starring judgmental Meryl-as-nun.

It’s a tricky thing when a course you’ve been planning for so long is repeatedly questioned, not just by those around you but by you as well. To keep things in perspective, it’s important to look at everyone’s reasons (even your own) objectively. It helps to start with a good night’s sleep.

It’s been easy for me to pinpoint why I’ve been getting pseudo cold-feet about my massive life change…because it’s exactly that, a massive life change. I’ve never moved anywhere as an adult, and now I’m leaving the place and people I’ve known for 10 years. I’ve never left a job without having a comparable one lined up, and now I’m moving to essentially volunteer for an organization I believe in, but without major income (besides freelance) guaranteed. This security-driven society has made me freeze like a deer in the headlights when faced with anything remotely difficult that could be avoided by simply staying where I am.

Which brings me to the others. A select few, probably well-meaning, souls have voiced their concerns over my drastic life changes, which has then caused me to rehash all the doubts I had just managed to get over…an exhausting vicious cycle. Butchy described this tendency in others as cowardice – a deep-seated jealousy by those who wish they could have the balls to let the seat of their pants lead the way. I don’t think I need to be quite so harsh, but I do need to stop listening to this Puritan boogedy boo.

And the thing is, I’m really not that unsure about my true calling here. Just looking back at the posts under my “Better Farm” category, it becomes obvious that this has been a relatively smooth decision based on a series of events that literally made this path fall into place. So deep breath…and carry on, brave little soldier, you will prevail.

Doubt movie still from


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