The Vertical and the Horizontal

A recent email from Daddio:

Hi Greengirl–
Take a look at this. Non-polluting. Plug it into a wall socket. Enough muscle and range to entice those who want  to go more than 25 miles per hour. Without a speed governor, there is no upper limit of speed. No Vroom-vroom. Totally silent speed….spooky.

Perfect to park in front of your Georgian plantation. But seriously, this is a much cooler design then the Smart Car, which frankly, looks pretty stupid. And “ZAP hereby accepts the sum of $1000.00 as a deposit for the reservation of an Alias.” Sold! I mean, assuming it will get built…

Not convinced? “C’mon in. Time to take another look at electric cars…and stuff.”

And Daddio isn’t the only family member sending me useful links. J-atar is sharing the news on vertical gardening:

Makes sense considering we’re running out of space on the ground. And while the Vertical Farm design challenge may have inspired the architecture students, there’s plenty of ways you can implement vertical gardening into a much more artistic layout:

Alias electric car photo from zapworld
Blake Kurasek’s Living Skyscraper design from
Vertical Farm
Inspiring Vertical Gardens for Small Spaces from Low Impact Living


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