Spotlight On: Tropic Gothic

Butchy put on a great documentary for me the other night called Tropic Gothic. It’s about an inspiring woman, Margaret, who lives in a Queenslander house in the Australian rainforest and is the epitome of the natural naturalist. She believes the creatures of the rainforest have the right of way, and the red cedar that her house is built from came from the forest, so she should obviously just leave her windows and doors open all the time so that the outside can come in….allowing the house to decompose until there’s nothing left.

Besides the directors weird idea to have the narrator be the creepy, grumpy, British industrialist, Grinch-like personification of the house itself, the rest is lovely and when Margaret talks it’s simply uplifting. I mean how can you not just fall in love with THIS:

Opening the house up to nature sounds good to me…minus the spider, of course.


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