Very Belated Recap: New Orleans Day 1

I don’t have one specific excuse as to why it has taken me MONTHS to share my New Orleans/Santa Fe vacation that I took with Butch back in September. I absolutely loved New Orleans – to the point of almost not leaving once I was there. Ah, someday the city will be mine…

Below is a brief version of Day 1: In which Butchy and Corinne immediately eat BBQ and then wander the French Quarter drinking Big Ass Beers while Corinne takes photos of EVERY terrace and Butchy gets whistled at by the gays who are there for Southern Decadence. The hot dog cart from Confederacy of Dunces also makes an appearance.

And no, there’s no record of our nights out at Snake and Jake’s Christmas Lounge. What happens in N.O. stays there…

(The complete album can be seen here)


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