New Orleans Day 5

Day 5 (last day): In which Butch and Corinne take the streetcar to the Botanic Garden/Sculpture Park, see destruction left from Hurricane Katrina, shop on Magazine Street, and probably drink some more.

(See more here)

I’m not exaggerating when I say I fell in love with New Orleans. It’s an ideal city with all the flair, art, nature and convenience I like, but at a more maneagable size. The people are nicer and the culture is still very much intact. It’s the first place I’ve traveled where I didn’t miss NYC for one moment. Someday Butch and I hope to live here, and when I die, I demand a jazz funeral!

2 thoughts on “New Orleans Day 5

  1. Amen to that. I loved NOLA though it was difficult dealing with life in the Lower 9th Ward. The 2nd Line Parades blew my mind, for real. Will be posting about it soon…

    Thanks for the great photos.

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