Item! Notice!

And by notice, I mean I gave my notice at work this week. That’s right – all this talk of leaving my job and moving upstate is now an irreversible plan in motion! I must admit, I was nervous, and the fact that my boss is a bit of a reactionary, emotionally-led loose cannon didn’t make it easy on me as I tried to sleep last night. But aside from a couple bitchy comments, she took the news pretty good. And being the hardworking lil’ New Englander that I am, I will do my best to help make it a smooth transition – because for all my complaining, this job was an amazing opportunity for me to enter a field that I had no professional experience in. And the fact that they took a chance on me by promoting me from the dirty work to the head of all the dirty work, well that makes my heart just humbly pitter patter.

But all gratefulness aside – I’m really done with NY bosses. This city may be repped by the big red apple, but yellow roses say goodbye.

Yellow roses photo from Poet Seers


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