Live Small to Live Big

Forget couch-surfing, try living in a house smaller than a parking space. A west-coast woman sold her 1,500 sq foot home to live in a tiny house parked in her friend’s backyard. Talk about reexamining how much space you really need!

She seems completely confident and happy with her decision, and I love how her friends recognized that their backyard didn’t need to be kept pristine and empty for their use only. I hope more people realize a McMansion on a sprawling grassy lawn is not only unsustainable, but unnecessary as well. I wrote more in depth on the argument for smaller (and already developed) spaces at the Better Farm blog.


One thought on “Live Small to Live Big

  1. Some time ago, maybe 10 or 15 yrs ago, I read about an Indian businessman who lived outside of Mumbai or Dehli. He traveled by bike, and live in a humble, but well built, “shack.” His comment to the reporter, when questioned about his home: Well, it keeps the rain out.
    Sounds laudable, doesn’t it?
    I’m sure there are still some with such attitudes, but considering the overall growth of India, with many people yearning for all the attributes of the good life–refrigerators, washing machines, cars, more up-scaled homes; but at what cost to Planet Earth?

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