Big (Green) Deal: Project H Design

I saw an interview with Emily Polliton of Project H Design and was blown away by how such a simple idea could rally such global action to design products that not only look good, but do good as well. Below are a few of my faves…

The Hippo Water Roller Project (Johannesburg, South Africa):

The practical and durable design of the Hippo enables more water to be transported more efficiently than traditional methods.
The Hippo, with it’s large drum capacity of 90 litres / 24 gallons, frees women and children from having to spend a large portion of every day dedicated to collecting water for their households.
Far less effort is required to roll the heavy weight of water (90kg / 200lbs) along the ground rather than carrying on the head.

Football Tape (by Marti Guixe – Barcelona, Spain):

A simple roll of tape printed with a traditional soccer ball pattern. For those of us who may not have access to the nicest leather soccer balls, a strip of tape and some balled up newspapers, magazine pages, or even plastic bags will suffice. The simplicity of the idea is phenomenal, transforming whatever flotsam or jetsam you have around the house into a pick-up game in the yard.

And the one that lit me up AND blew me away…

GROW and Solar Ivy (by S-M-I-T – Brooklyn, NY):

That last shot really makes me think the sunny side of Better Farm needs some Solar Ivy stat – guess I’ll have to look up the peeps at S.M.I.T. before I leave Brooklyn for good…

See more Project H Design results at Design Revolution Roadshow


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